Looking for a few good women (and men) for a Steering Committee

May 24, 2012 | posted in: News | by

We are so excited about i-Network, and how it is growing, what we are, and we want you to feel more a part of the excitement.

There have been some excellent ideas that friends and members have shared with us, but we would like to get more people involved.

To that end we would like to form a committee of 5-7 women and men, interested in helping us:

  • Plan our monthly events
  • Plan and execute other “special” events
  • Help us promote the network

Our thoughts were to meet quarterly, and have some conference calls as needed inbetween.

It’s not a large commitment, and we sure would like your input and support in growing this network.

I would like to schedule a meeting in the next couple of weeks (possibly the week of June 11th)

Please leave a comment below or email me (Reiko@thetoolboxinc.com or use the Contact Us form) with your name and email and let me know mornings, evenings, lunch availability, or if you want to be involved and cannot attend.